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Astralis - The War People

Astralis - The War People

Autore: Angelo G Mitarotondo
Codice Prodotto: 6651
Disponibilità: Disponibile

E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835453062

In the era of the first intergalactic expansion, human species cannot tolerate dark times in their history. The Astralis Empire will stumble upon a mystery that will undermine its very foundations. It must defend itself against a powerful enemy that has emerged from the depths of Andromeda and whose goal is the complete annihilation of humanity. The greatest human epic is shattered, the imperial power is on its knees. The fate of the human race lies in the hands of a handful of men on a mission designed to unravel secrets of which all knowledge has been lost. But what is the identity of the enemy? Why does he seek to erase all traces of humanity from known space? Will thirteen men be able to turn the tide of war? Climb aboard the Ω-Imperium. The most advanced starship in the Imperial fleet is departing!

Two millennia have passed since the discovery of Vanobi (the first exoplanet inhabited by a civilization of extraterrestrial sapiens) and two hundred years since the discovery of Estyr (the second). Millions of superluminal probes have explored Galaxia Nostrum (new name for the Milky Way) in the vain search for other human civilizations. Recent discoveries of the lost city of Aknuchia and the Way of the Sapiens have cast more shadows on the origins of humanity. The entire Galaxia Nostrum is under the protectorate of the greatest human civilization in known history: the Astralis Empire, the only power to possess the technology for intergalactic travel. When humanity is ready for great expansion in the Andromeda galaxy, the appearance of the alsiers will disrupt imperial expansionist plans. What is the true identity of the alsiers? Why are they so determined to erase all traces of humanity from the universe? The Imperial Grand Council is convinced that the attack by that powerful new enemy is linked to the mystery of pre-astralis civilizations. The nectunt mission has the task of investigating the ancestralis, the ancient sapiens people who sowed the seed of the human race. Will thirteen men be able to acquire the knowledge to turn the tide of war? The Ω-Imperium, the most advanced starship in the Imperial fleet, is departing.

Fascia età lettore
Fascia età Più di 18 anni
Formati libro
Formati epub, mobi (Kindle)
Lingua libro
Lingua Inglese
Parole libro
N. parole 64605
Traduttore Maria Burnett

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