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The Invasion Of The Sombers-Linderiun Tesarien Racem

The Invasion Of The Sombers-Linderiun Tesarien Racem

Autore: Jordi Villalobos
Codice Prodotto: 2427
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835410737

A spell which can change everything, an unexpected romance, an unavoidable war, two intertwined stories...

The Sombers lurk! They want to conquer the whole Frienia. Orcs and humans must ally after many years at war to face the new in common enemy. A human prince and an orc princess will be the hallmark of this alliance. Will they be able to unite the two races in order to fight the dark ones? The shadows and the new alliance will compete to get dragons to give them the advantage in the upcoming war. Who will get more and better dragons? For two thousand years a perverse magician had been planning to dominate all of Frienia`s races. He is aware of the worst black magic spell that can exist: Linderiun tesarien racem. Will anyone succeed in thwarting his plans? Two stories that weave together, in the midst of wars, betrayals, romances, intrigues and adventures, concluding in a surprising ending.

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