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The Book Of Values-An Inspirational Guide To Our Moral Dilemmas

The Book Of Values-An Inspirational Guide To Our Moral Dilemmas

Autore: Yael Eylat-Tanaka
Codice Prodotto: 2776
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835415862

A compendium of moral values discussed as social imperatives, rather than under the mantle of religion. Listed alphabetically, values ranting from Acceptance, Allegiance, Beauty, Work and Zeal are written in poetic prose accessible to everyone.

Society has become all too casual, from attire to speech. Behavior has followed suit, as have attitudes and sentiments. Within the pages of this book are time-honored principles that are as relevant today as they have always been, and do not impede freedom in society, but rather encourage harmony and a healthy expression of societal conventions. Morality is as applicable to today’s lifestyle as it was in the past. Our moral values have not been lost. They are sometimes displayed in magnificent glory, as in the memorial museum of 9/11; at other times, they seem to lie dormant. Yet, they are present in all of us, and like the seedling that bursts through the fresh snow, they ultimately lift up their hearts and shine toward the light.

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