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Italian Women's Erotic Sins, Volume I-Five Tales For Adults

Italian Women's Erotic Sins, Volume I-Five Tales For Adults

Autore: Gjoe's
Codice Prodotto: 70
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788885356054

Five tales, short stories, long, but all strictly inspired by true events. A cross-section of Italian eros: a little bit reluctant, a little bit restrained, but very dashing. Perhaps it is this contradictory mix between heaven and hell, which makes of the Italian woman one of the most passionate and disturbing lovers. Five classics of deep erotica, often sentimental, which characterize one of the most appreciated and read erotic writers. Buy this book and ask the Author: the Entrance to Club Blog. Erotic, Secret, Exclusive and Private! ADULTS ONLY !

Five true stories, confessed quietly, by the equivalent number of friends, each author and victim of her own destiny. The fairy woman who made me a woman in the height of a curious and sinful adolescence, ”Princess” is entrusted to a friend of a mother. The pantry and pampering honey woman, trying to resist the lure of that girl`s flesh that constantly provokes with her bitter and troubled beauty. So the fairy becomes witch ... crazy of passion, she implements a perverse plan without too many scruples, but the consequences will be greater than she ever could have imagined. My secret wife A young couple: she too good not to tease to the extreme, the fantasies of her husband; He, too naive to stop before the ”catastrophe” ... He will learn at his own cost how dangerous it is to investigate on the past of a woman, without taking proper precautions. My Princess A flash to capture a moment of indescribable and sinful intimacy. What does a mother know of a daughter she adores? And does her daughter knows her power towards that forbidden love? Another delicious confession from the same source: the fairy that made me woman. Condemned by vice. Who is born to suffer in sex should be very careful of the mechanisms he triggers. In this perverse ”mathematical” game a poor bisexual husband bowes along the slope of submission, without hope and without ransom ... but one wonders: what if it was just what he wanted, more that anything else? Threeway Love. A woman a whole new journey, a holiday, in two parallel environments: a small and sunny seaside town and the incorruptible and resolute soul of a young woman. The protagonist is certain of having reached the apex of her erotic path and, feeling self-assured, accepts a meeting in a dark with an odd couple: as kind and seductive as perverse and lustful ... But not all evil comes to harm. Anna discovers herself willful to become ... a whole new woman. Buy this book and ask the Author: the Entrance to Club Blog. Erotic, Secret, Exclusive and Private! ADULTS ONLY

Fascia età lettore
Fascia età Più di 18 anni
Formati libro
Formati epub, mobi (Kindle)
Lingua libro
Lingua Inglese
Parole libro
N. parole 60000

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