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Never Give Up-A Message From Above

Never Give Up-A Message From Above

Autore: Mélisse Éditions
Codice Prodotto: 5901
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835445661

Mr and Mrs Crawfield are in business since 1990. After they got married in 1989, the couple faced financial hardships as they both lost their jobs due to the sudden death of their dear boss. The printing company in which they were working had to shut down given that their boss did not have any heirs to take over the business. The Crawfields were also expecting their first baby during this difficult period. Then, one day the young and expectant woman got a fantastic idea as a godsend. Their baby girl came in the world in April 1990 and a month later, the young parents set up a charity business called ‘Our doors are opened for you’, with the support of other organisations in their suburb. They finally succeeded in establishing their family small enterprise to where it is today. It is managed with much pride by mum, dad and their lovely daughter Millie.

Chapter 1 December 1990 – Magic is in the air It’s 7.30 on a sunny morning of the first week of December in the Pacific Ocean. Little Millie is now 9 months old and is being more and more playful. She is such an adorable and irresistible child loved by everyone in her surroundings. Mum and dad are so lucky to be gifted by angel Millie. The Crawfield couple`s business is flourishing more than ever now with Christmas around the corner. Their little shop was fully stocked with crafted Christmas presents and decorations from their local suppliers but Mrs. Crawfield doesn’t want commercial puddings and gingerbread for her shop. ‘Darling we need to do this for our church and our supportive community’ she told her husband.

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N. parole 2000

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