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Autore: Roberta Mezzabarba
Codice Prodotto: 2511
Disponibilità: Disponibile

AUDIOBOOK - ISBN: 9788835411963

Ties, strings made up with screams (Apollinaire). At the striking of midnight into the new millenium, a new threat comes from the darkness. A baby was rescued but now a young boy is in danger. Three women are fighting. Nobody is safe. The year 1000 is no more. The year 2000 and Death. An engaging novel that blends thriller ,suspense and esothericism. A novel about strong connections between past and present

New Year`s Eve 1999. Guglielmo has an apparently quiet life, without any shadows. Gemma, his girlfriend, is the only girl he felt something well beyond physical attraction. Angelica, a loving and thoughtful mother. Filiberto, a detached and insensitive father. Finally Luana and Lucio, the two antagonists of the story, those who will try to destroy Guglielmo`s life, to take him away from his loved ones in order to fulfil a wicked and crazy plan put it together by a sick and evil mind. However, life entails choices as well. Will Guglielmo manage to untie the strings that are trapping him and get his life back? The plot of this novel is articulated and dramatic; a novel that captures your attention so much that you will read it in one sitting because it is full of suspense that will keep your attention high. You can see the exciting booktrailer here https://youtu.be/2Jh6yANr-DY

Durata audiolibri
Durata 03:32:36
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Formati libro
Formati Audiolibro - M4B
Lingua libro
Lingua Inglese
Parole libro
N. parole 31758

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