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950 Prayers That Overcome The Spirit Of Delayed And Detained Blessings

950 Prayers That Overcome The Spirit Of Delayed And Detained Blessings

Autore: Dr. Olusola Coker
Codice Prodotto: 2681
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835416234

Spirit of delayed and detained blessings is a terrible spirit. Anyone afflicted will not be able to achieve anything in life. They are always on the last line to achieving anything, the last to get married, and the last to be promoted, the last to gain admission to universities or college, the last to have Children. They can better be called brother last or sister last. They are always last in achieving a breakthrough in life. This Book contains 950 powerful prayers that will put an end to delayed and detained blessings in your life.

Are you expecting promotion in your office, but is not yet forthcoming? Are you mature enough to get married, but the right partner is not yet forthcoming? Are you seeking admission to university or college, but your application is being rejected, despite the fact that this is your 5th attempt? Is it taking you 20 years to complete or buy your dream house, despite the fact that you are putting more efforts? Are you expecting a miracle or breakthrough in any area of your life but is not manifesting? Are you expecting a contract but approval was turn down several times and you notice that your colleagues that are not good enough on the job are being awarded the contracts meant for you? Is your business crawling: over 20 years you establish it, still not an improvement? Are you operating an Agency business, eg estate agency, clearing and forwarding agent etc but instead of clients approaching for business, they are passing what belongs to you to your colleagues? I want you to know that the spirit of delayed and detained blessing does not remove the blessing but merely frustrate you by shifting it forward. Does it make sense if a breakthrough that purposes to manifest in your life at the age of 25 years is now manifesting at the age of 70 years? No, it does not make sense, that is the reason you have to deal with the spirit of delayed and detained blessings as soon as possible. WHAT IS THE SPIRIT OF DELAYED AND DETAINED BLESSINGS BY THE WAY? It means tiredness to achieve a goal. Unnecessary procrastination. What you need to do now you keep on postponing it. It means obstacles. It means inability to accomplish something good in life. It could also mean your current location and environment is slowing you down in achieving your aim in life. It is a force that is preventing you from moving forward. It also means your family, friends, and relations that is a stumbling block to your breakthrough. This can be regarded as evil Yoke It could mean your spouse attitude; behavior is stopping you from realizing your potentials especially if you are not married in the Lord. It is anything, anybody that stops you from realizing your blessings. It also means your attitude, actions and behavior are stopping you from moving forward. It means lack of determination to succeed. It means lack of commitment to realize your dreams It means laziness in everything. It means unwillingness. It means lack of discipline. You will never be the person you can be if pressure, tension, and discipline are taken out of your life. Lack of enthusiasm. The Spirit of delayed and detained blessings cannot just disappear, you have to pray aggressively to remove them it is the only prayer that can remove the evil spirit because it has no respect for anyone no matter who you are. Please find below reasons you need to remove the spirit of delayed and detained blessings from your life. You can never rise to greater heights if you are afflicted with the spirit of delayed and detained blessings It slows down your productivity. It leads to frustrations and regret. It brings shame and sorrow. It is a destiny destroyer and killer. Your Destiny Helper can never appear to you. It makes one be in a spot year in year out. No progress, you are employed as a driver and retired as a driver. It brings limitations and stagnation It brings untimely death. You can never be effective if the spirit of delayed and detained blessings is in you. Pray at least 30 prayer points a Day before you sleep or early in the morning as soon as you wake up for the next 32 Days to actualize your God given Blessings. NO MORE DELAY AND DETAIN BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE. Before you pray please follow the instructions below. Read the Bible Passage below Genesis 28:1-5 Confess all your sins, both known and unknown

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