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Breathes-Tales And Universes

Breathes-Tales And Universes

Autore: Micol Fusca
Codice Prodotto: 3907
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835424048

This book contains seven stories, of which I am the author, published in fantasy anthologies released by some publishing houses. In my opinion they are connected by a common thread. Love as an absolute feeling. I wanted to think of each story as a feather.

Seven feathers, seven stories linked by a common thread: love in its many aspects. Brotherly, unfaithful, earthly, divine... Love is the force that moves the universe, no matter what form it takes. Seven feathers carried by the wind, destined to rest on the palm of your hand and then achieve the essence of dreams. You will meet wizards, witches, knights and warriors. Earthly creatures who bring the divine within themselves. You will meet the courage and the will to believe in feelings and be faithful to the feelings of your soul. The story ”Crocefissa”, (Crucified), already published in the anthology ”Storie di Immaginaria Realtà volume V” published by Giovane Holden Edizioni, was ranked second in the 2018 Streghe Vampiri & Co. Contest.

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