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Collaborative Intelligence-CQ At Work

Collaborative Intelligence-CQ At Work

Autore: Vasu Dev
Codice Prodotto: 6022
Disponibilità: Disponibile

AUDIOBOOK - ISBN: 9788835446699

This book is a Game-changer in the area of Teamworking and People Management. As IQ is the Intellectual Intelligence that supports competencies such as thinking, planning, strategizing, evaluating, analyzing, etc., and EQ the Emotional Intelligence that supports emotion or stress management, CQ is the Collaborative Intelligence that supports collaboration, communication, relationship building, networking, teamwork, etc. For ages the corporate world has been ignorantly squeezing out the Personal Intelligence (IQ & EQ) to achieve interpersonal results such as teamwork & team spirit, although they are out of its scope. Currently many organisations are under performing due to CQ deprivation, but they are not aware yet. This book ushers the human intelligence to the next level. It highlights the Power of Unified Intentions and the Power of synergizing attitude/aptitude by knowing how to set a healthy working chemistry. The intelligence behind Social Brain Imaging (recent findings) is CQ.

Collaborative Intelligence is inevitably the next evolution of the Human. It is a functional presence of life through people, manifesting various capabilities as responses to survive or succeed in a particular environment, as individuals/groups/organizations. It is the intelligence to synergize the unique powers placed in individuals. This fact will be acknowledged to be true upon reading, completing and understanding the book to its detail. We have been living our lives placing a heavy demand on our individual intelligence to achieve many things, and have been squeezing it out for results that is beyond its scope. Teamwork and team spirit are acknowledged globally as the foundation for organisational success. There is a sort of underground “life wire” that ignites team spirit and teamwork in a team, besides coordinated skills and attitude of the team members. This book is attempting to reveal that special understanding. Hope the readers are sufficiently alert to discover it. It is simple but may look abstract for this complex mind; however, one can blissfully sense it upon effective contemplation. Shifting from an individualized mind set (singular) to a universal one (plural), shifts behavioural tendencies, competencies, and sensitivities completely. When every member in a group (family/team/organisation/society, etc.) moves from pursuing individual happiness to universal happiness, that group functions more intelligently towards achieving its wellbeing and success goals. This is the next evolution of consciousness in mankind. Your journey through this book is going to be very interesting and very elevating. Your patience, as you go through this book will connect the dots and cause a paradigm shift. You will never be the same when the shift happens.

Durata audiolibri
Durata 04:46:37
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Formati Audiolibro - M4B
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Narratore IAN A MILLER
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