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Dedicated To Sara-Fragments And Memories Of A Love Affair, Some Of It Fantasy, Some Of It Real

Dedicated To Sara-Fragments And Memories Of A Love Affair, Some Of It Fantasy, Some Of It Real

Autore: Marco Fogliani
Codice Prodotto: 6054
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835446866

Dedicated with affection to all those (and there are many) who have given their love to someone and had to contend with their illness, even though they knew that they have no chance of winning; and to those who had to coexist with a love like this.

”Over twenty years ago a girl I loved like myself asked me to leave her forever because of her poor health, and not to contact her again. I agreed, with death in my heart, and intending it only as an act of love on her part towards me, to allow me to build a normal and happy family blessed with children. In 2013 Sara left this life. And on that occasion, together with the certainty that at this point what had happened could not be changed, and despite the fact that I found myself with two wonderful daughters, returned the doubt of having made, back then, the right choice.” A story of troubled and romanticized love, drawn from several short stories which, although independent of each other, follow in part the logical and chronological steps of the story. A tribute to my first love, savored and then lost, at a year from her death: a collection stories about her and inspired by her.

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