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IULIA FARNESIA - Letters From A Soul-The Real Story Of Giulia Farnese

IULIA FARNESIA - Letters From A Soul-The Real Story Of Giulia Farnese

Autore: Roberta Mezzabarba
Codice Prodotto: 6191
Disponibilità: Disponibile

AUDIOBOOK - ISBN: 9788835448402

Can the soul of a woman, sold to the highest bidder by her family, find redemption? The real story of Giulia Farnese, a woman far beyond time.

Giulia Farnese, a woman who traverses time to find, in this novel, her redemption. Her real story is that of a woman who goes far beyond the figure of Sponsa Christi as she was known throughout the world. The writer traces the profile of a strong woman who, once free from the trammels of a family that raised her to be obedient, rises from her ashes and the damnatio memoriæ to become the mater and the domina of the feud of Carbognano. With an absorbing prose, and based on an historical plot of true events, the author gives back to La Bella the dignity that historical documentation has always overlooked, preferring to chase after fifth century gossip.

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Durata 06:09:38
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Formati Audiolibro - M4B
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