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The Seals Of Altior 2-The Carousel Of Hombros

The Seals Of Altior 2-The Carousel Of Hombros

Autore: Gabriele Pratesi
Codice Prodotto: 6198
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835448280

The Carousel of Hombros is the second chapter in the fantasy series `The Kingdom of Wizards - The Seals of Altior`. It is a book that encompasses simplicity of description and liveliness of action. A tale that immerses the reader, in a medieval fantasy world where battles, magic and spells are the protagonists.

The spell has been dissolved. The magical barrier at the border of the kingdom of Ignis has fallen. The ruins of Arx Lupus are the scene of a new and terrible battle in which lies the hope of ending the advancement of the orcs. Young Baltdeon is on his way to the city of Milites, amid regrets, remorse and memories. His adventure leads him to cross paths with a priest of the temple of Rho. The capital is besieged by an army of ten thousand mercenaries, and while tension rises among the population and a revolt breaks out, Prince Garon makes the difficult decision to invoke the Carousel of Hombros, to avoid a siege that would drive his people to starvation. General Fortdar manages to reach Hombros and decides to participate in the Carousel, in the hope of winning and saving the city from conquest. The recruit Vlad, wants to retrieve his diary at all costs, but discovers he has a telepathic link with the sorcerer and chooses to join him, with the aim of finding the Grimoire. Battles, spells, occult sorceries, betrayals, magic, kingdoms and empires, castles, fortresses, towns and villages are the outline of a dangerous and eventful course.

Fascia età lettore
Fascia età Più di 18 anni
Formati libro
Formati epub, mobi (Kindle)
Lingua libro
Lingua Inglese
Parole libro
N. parole 39804
Traduttore IAN KING

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