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Call It Liberty

Call It Liberty

Codice Prodotto: 6225
Disponibilità: Disponibile
E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835448655

The novel tells the story of Julia, a charming 40-year-old journalist and foreign correspondent for a historic Italian newspaper. She is having a particularly difficult time because of her romantic relationship with English photographer Luke and her work, which forces her to be away from home for a long time. One evening, while she is having dinner with her colleague, she decides that the time has finally come to take a break to reflect and to regain the freedom, which she has not felt to be hers for too long. Julia sets off on a vacation to a beautiful location in southern Sardinia. In this magical and enchanting place she will meet several people, most notably Pablo, a mysterious Spanish man who is a guest at the hotel and the young Efrem, son of the owners and a great expert on boats and navigation. And it is precisely the meeting with these two men that will change Julia`s existence forever and not only...

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Formati epub, mobi (Kindle)
Lingua libro
Lingua Inglese
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N. parole 174679
Traduttore NIKKITA

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