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I Got Healed From Bipolar Disorder-Science Of The Mind Is An Aspect Of Spirituality, Not Psychiatry

I Got Healed From Bipolar Disorder-Science Of The Mind Is An Aspect Of Spirituality, Not Psychiatry

Autore: Benjamin Nemopode
Codice Prodotto: 6591
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E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835452515

This essay is like an addendum to my other book: ”A Different Outlook on Bipolar Disorder”. Its objective is to make readers aware that this condition can be healed.

This booklet, or pamphlet, can be viewed as both an introduction and an epilogue to my successful book: ”A Different Outlook on Bipolar Disorder - Ups and Downs to Buddha Sate: There is no Shame in Aiming for Happiness”. It has become the biggest-selling book in the French market on this subject, and I am really thrilled about this. This current book has also achieved its objective, which was to frankly tell my story, and also enable many others with this condition, or those who live with people with the condition, to better understand it and to find help on how to overcome it. Positive reactions from many readers over the years have made me realize just how far these objectives have been met. I thus would like to encourage you to read through these pages and learn for yourself. I finished writing the book at the age of 37 years, and I did not know then how my life would turn out. ”A Different Outlook on Bipolar Disorder” provided an answer to this question. This current booklet will equally answer all your questions, and I hope everyone will feel encouraged to read over and over my autobiography, which is full of hope beyond expectation. You too can be healed. Read on to find out how this is possible. I am living proof to this. It takes courage, strength, understanding, hope and faith. I am fully convinced that one day this condition will be viewed from a totally different perspective. It is my most sincere hope that my story will have contributed to this.

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