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The Outcast Of Rosencraft

The Outcast Of Rosencraft

Autore: Ghostly Whisper (Barbara Morgan)
Codice Prodotto: 8487
Disponibilità: Disponibile

E-BOOK - ISBN: 9788835465652

Everything returns to Rosencraft. Pain, humiliation, fear, anger. Even her, who gently attracts, gently loves. Gently waits, gently kills.

A young woman named Emily stands as the last descendant of the Redwoods, an affluent family in Rosencraft—a town that balances modernity and age-old traditions. After the disappearance of both of her parents, Adam Redwood and Katherine Kingstone, Emily finds herself alone with her stepmother and stepsister. Branded as an outcast like her mysterious mother with supernatural powers, she grapples with mistreatment and belittlement. Emily feels trapped within a spiral that will eventually lead her to ”disappear”, just like those who resist conformity to societal norms and express aspirations, ideals, and preferences that oppose those of the current. Meanwhile, a significant heirloom known as the Redwood treasure awaits Emily as she approaches adulthood. This provokes the greed of many among the townsfolk, including members of the founding family, the town’s namesake. Lawrence Rosencraft, the captivating scion, displays an unusual attraction to Emily. Subjected to ruthless cruelty, Emily experiences a rude awakening when pain instils a newfound energy in her, transforming her into a vengeful force ready to descend upon Rosencraft without mercy or remorse. Possessed by what Emily herself identifies as the demon of pain, she begins feeding on the life force of the town, seducing the entire lineage of the Rosencrafts and draining every ounce of mental and physical will out of them. Can the disruptive power of Emily Redwood, the outcast of Rosencraft, be stopped before it’s too late? Some wounds must be cleansed with blood. Gently sliding into the abyss of their thin, evanescent shadow. Because victory does not always belong to who shouts the loudest. Everything returns to Rosencraft. Even her. The outcast.

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Formati libro
Formati epub, mobi (Kindle)
Lingua libro
Lingua Inglese
Parole libro
N. parole 110575
Traduttore Elisabetta Longyu Centofanti

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