Publish a book exclusively on Amazon or go wide?

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Open your mind and go wide!

After writing your first book you have to choose the right publishing strategy and there are a lot of options to think about.

If you write your book in English potentially you can reach about 379 millions of native speakers and about 753 millions of non-native speakers, that makes only about ⅛ of world population. After that you will think about publishing it with Amazon KDP in its original language and maybe this is the right choice, let’s see…

Amazon KDP is one of the major self-publishing platforms, you can find a lot of free tutorials on the net “How to publish with KDP” and there is a print on demand so you don’t have to spend money on publishers. 

Another advantage of KDP is the possibility to promote your book on its platform.

It’s great, isn’t it? But what do you lose choosing Amazon KDP and giving them the exclusivity? The rest of the world!

Amazon is present only in 21 countries. 

So if you write your book only in English and publish it with KDP you will lose a big part of Europe, Russia, India and many other countries and languages.

The second most spoken language is Mandarin (about 918 millions native speakers and 199 millions of non-native speakers), the third is Hindi (341 millions of natives and 274 millions of non-natives). The ten most spoken languages you can find here.

What is the right publishing strategy for a self-published author?

  1. Write the book and make it translate in all possible languages;
  2. Make an audiobook;
  3. Distribute it all over the world.

Sounds complicated for you and may require a lot of money? Not at all!

Commit your book to Tektime and you will get a possibility to translate it in 66 languages using the Revenue sharing system (no translation costs, you will split sales revenue). 

We verify translation and narration to guarantee a high quality of a book/audiobook. We care about our reputation.

Both the translation and the narration of your books are regulated by a legally valid contract, signed by all parties.

Detailed and transparent sales reporting.

Book rights will always remain yours. We will only have the exclusive distribution of your works for the contract period.

We distribute books in more than 170 countries.

Are you ready to go wide? Sign up with Tektime and save your time and money!

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