Embedded cover is too large

Are you ready to upload your ebook on our Platform and you can’t wait to publish it all over the world, however something get wrong: “The embedded cover (the one that is inside your book) is too large.” Take it easy, in this post I’ll explain how to fix your embedded cover using Calibre. A ... Read More

Why do contracts last so long?

The question that concern all of our collaborators. Why do contracts last so long? Can the author quit earlier? Tektime reserves the exclusivity of the distribution of translated books and audiobooks for a period of five and seven years, respectively. In this way the translator and the narrator can regain translation and narration costs, as ... Read More

Ebook vs paperback

The first paperback was published in 1841, but didn’t get any popularity. The world continued to market hardcover books. Paperbacks went out to a mass market only in the 1930s. They were low cost books. The idea of electronic books arose at the same time, but it took a while to realize the project. The ... Read More