Author Q&A: Earnings and Distribution of Translated eBooks

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Q: How much (approximately) can I expect to earn if I translate my ebook into all the languages provided by you in ebook and audio formats?

A: It is difficult to provide an approximate earnings figure for translating your ebook into multiple languages and formats. The sales potential varies across different markets and depends on the preferences and reading habits of readers in each country. While your books may be well-received in some countries, they may generate less interest in others.

Q: Can I download a copy of each translated language and audiobook?

A: Yes, you can download copies of each translated language and audiobook. However, it’s important to note that you cannot sell these copies yourself. The exclusive distribution rights for the translated books and audiobooks rest with our platform.

Q: What are the average earnings that an author makes by translating their ebook into all languages and formats on your platform?

A: As previously mentioned, estimating average earnings is challenging due to the unpredictability of sales. The success of your translated books also depends on the advertising efforts made by you and your translators. While we do run ads, we encourage authors and translators to actively promote their works as well.

Furthermore, it’s worth considering that our translation service is provided at no cost to you. Even if your books don’t sell, you won’t incur any expenses. In such cases, the translator may not earn anything for their efforts.

We understand that you’re interested in the expected results to guide your future endeavors, but it’s important to approach each book and market individually. Factors such as genre, target audience, and marketing strategies can greatly impact the outcome.

Remember, translating your ebooks into multiple languages opens up new opportunities for international readership, potentially expanding your audience and introducing your works to new markets.

Q: As per your rules, the platform gets 10% and the author gets 15% for the first 1000 euro sales. What if I cut my share to 10% and let the platform get 15% for extra promotion (no upfront cost involved)? Also, I’d like to cut another 5% for the next 1000 euro sales, meaning the platform gets 20% and I get 20% (instead of 30%). Of course, the platform will have to use other promotional tools.

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to modify our revenue sharing model. The current structure ensures a fair distribution of earnings between the platform and the author. However, if you’re interested, you can choose to receive the usual percentage and utilize a portion of your earnings to purchase our advertising services. This way, we can take care of the advertisement of your books, relieving you of the additional effort.

By investing a portion of your earnings into our advertising services, you can leverage our promotional tools and expertise to reach a wider audience. This can potentially boost the visibility and sales of your books across different markets.

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